Octo Cotton


Octocotton, the new kid on the block. Pure wicking pleasure for tanks and drippers Octocotton has the cleanest flavour you will ever taste.The Octopus is the genius of the ocean world and just like this cotton can use their brains to sort out any problem – the problem here being slow wicking and that awful cotton taste. Octocotton wicks fast and has no cotton taste right off the bat this means that just like a real octopus this cotton is flexible and works with any build and any flavour. All you get is tentacles of crisp, clean cotton to make your vaping experience pleasurable!


  • 10 Grams net weight
  • 10 Strips per a bag

OctoCotton Features:

  • Zero Cotton Taste
  • Suitable for RBA/RTA/RDA/RDTA
  • Pure Organic Cotton Fiber
  • Large fibers designed for sub-ohm use
  • Pharma Grade
  • Zero Bleach

No actual octopuses were harmed in the making of this cotton



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